This is the essence of the first of a series of digital EP releases starting with “Where do we go from here”. Nothing more to say delivers an emotional rock song reflecting the point in which someone needs to come to terms with an aspect of ones life that doesn’t change, and accepting it. Spaceman a psychedelic mix of rock, alternative and space rock textures to take the listener on a carpet ride in search of the home they desire. Finally, Where do we go from here, an emotional dialogue of trying to explain ones transition in life. Mix of melodic guitar phrases styled like Joe Satriani coupled with Pink Floydish vocal textures.

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Where Do We Go From Here?” the new EP from Gil Vilazquez is a definite change in direction from his first effort “My Introduction.”

The first track Nothing More To Say starts out with a haunting guitar intro. which quickly gives way to a hard driving upbeat rhythm then just as quick turns to a verse reminiscent of bygone days of Black Sabbath. The tune itself is a nice rocker filled with twists and turns.

“Spaceman” is very different from what I am used to hearing from Velazquez. If David Bowie and Pink Floyd were drinking with Ravi Shankar, I’m pretty sure this is what would’ve come from their ensuing jam session. A mix of sound effects, syncopated guitar and some great riffs propel this tune into warp drive, then back down to earth once again.

The title cut Where Do We Go From Here? is a soulful mix of eerie licks interspersed with a unique barely there vocal track. Velazquez pours emotion into this one from the get go and uses his great playing ability to convey his feelings through his axe.

Overall, “Where Do We Go From Here?” is a true three headed monster of various faces; all Velazquez.
This CD lends new meaning to expect the unexpected; a true musicians work if I have ever seen one.
— Danny Coleman of Rock On Radio