Studio Talk: From the start, I was OVERWHELMED!

From the onset in early 2006 when I committed to write and record my music, there were a lot of bumps, frustrating nights and weekends. Self-recording is within the grasp of so many artists that it can be confusing where to start, equipment and software choice and budgets. In addition to questioning one's  ability even to implement this.

After countless trial and error moments, I grew more and more confident. As the years progressed, I felt it would be useful to share my trials and tribulations with you. The first video below was just of me introducing myself to you. Sorry for the lower quality.

Since the release of my debut CD "My Introduction," it has been a continued quest to write and produce my music. While recording at an off-site studio offers a fantastic opportunity to get your work recorded and produced, working in my small and personal/project studio has provided me the opportunity to explore the sonic palette and writing of my originals.

Since 2013 I have been working on implementing a series of digital EPs. The first being "Where do we go from here." An eclectic blend of rock, psychedelic sounds with still that instrumental flavor I had from influences of Jeff Beck, Ravi Shankar and Joe Satriani.

My extensive use of the plugins within the Protools environment has helped me along the way:

  • Amplitude Guitar Amp Modeling (IK Multimedia)
  • SVX Ampeg Bass Amp Modeling (IK Multimedia)
  • T-Racks dynamic processors/compressors (IK Multimedia)
  • Ozone by Isotope
  • Waves Signature series of compressors from Chris Lord-Alge and Tony Maserati
  • T-Racks dynamic processors/compressors (IK Multimedia)
  • ARC2 Acoustic Room Correction System plug-in
  • CSR - Classik Studio Reverb Series
  • T-RackS Classic High-End Mixing & Mastering Suite

This video introduces and explains just how I made the hard choice of changing my recording DAW to Protools and the pain in understanding and learning while recording. An extremely useful tool was the book titled Pro Tools for Musicians and Songwriters by Gina Fant-Saez.

Just another odd evening in the studio

When I was recording the track "Spaceman", I was looking for an unusual way to recording a guitar sliding effect for a part in launch part from the EP "Where do we go from here"