​My Introduction
Release Date February 2008

My Introduction EP by Gil Velazquez

Guitar-centric debut production. A range of styles from contemporary "Calling 4 an Answer, Joe Satriani influenced "Medius Grind" and "In your dreams," to Santana influenced "Bonita Love Swing" and "My Introduction." Closing track "It is what it is" a smooth blend of Jeff Beckish to Santana style.

My Introduction is an interesting blend of rock

FairlyCute Blog Review

In just under 30 minutes My Introduction, through the creative work of Gil Velazquez can take the listener on a musical journey from soft sultry melody to strong almost heavy dance--and all with a distinctive edge. I found myself thinking--OK, this cut is my favorite--only to refute that and think the next track was my favorite. If this music does not make you feel like you are floating along the harmonious, yet dissident enough to be edgy, themes, you just need to listen again!!