My World
Release Date March 2015

My World EP by Gil Velazquez

A lighter tongue-n-cheek EP featuring Reggae flavors, funk-influenced lines, ska/latin styles, to an obscure White Stripes short piece. My World brings guitar, percussion and drums to a fun, lighter side of things concluding with a fusion/urban calm track for late night driving.

Danny Coleman Rock on Radio Review of "My World"

Gil Velazquez is perhaps the ultimate in professionalism.  Always innovative, musically provocative and technically sound; Gil brings his music to the masses like few others can. His last EP asked the question, “Where Do we Go From Here?” and for all intents and purposes Velazquez answers it with his latest release; a five song effort entitled, “My World.” Not quite the “Three Headed Monster” that his aforementioned last disc was in terms of various styles; “My World” gives us a glimpse into Gil’s versatile abilities as a guitarist.

Need Some Air” transports us to the other side of the international spectrum with style as this reggae-style tune, after a brief intro comes at you with gyrating intensity that defies anyone to sit still. “…Need some air before I go into the night…”

The next track, “Poly 527,” brings out a combination of Velazquez’s natural tendency to lean towards different, interspersing funky rhythms with a rock style bridge and some nifty studio effects that have one wondering where the tune is going next. Poly means multiple and Gil has several bases covered with this one which could easily become a TV theme song or some sublime background music during your stereotypical night driving scene in a police drama as the character reflects on the evening or events ahead.

My World Your Fantasy,” combines Latin rhythms with a soulful vocal track that would make Carlos Santana proud. Once again, this cut showing the varying guitar stylings that Gil is becoming known for. Like the kaleidoscope before it; one can sense images of young Latinas dancing in the streets with swirling skirts and hands through dark hair as this tune oozes with sex appeal.

From the outset, the track titled “Do Ya Thing,” is a short, in your face, guitar driven power surge, conjures up images of the hippy ‘60’s, complete with kaleidoscope graphics; much like the discs front cover artwork.

Wrapping things up is “Urban Calm.” This instrumental is a roller coaster of styles, highlighted by Gil’s always stellar mastery of the fret board. A jazz feel quickly gives way to a soulful Latin feel and then reverts back to a snazzy jazz composition. Velazquez’s use of harmonics with well-placed guitar rides allows this tune to flow up and down very nicely.

Over all, “My World” is another solid effort from Gil and well worthy of our attention. Velazquez continues to impress with his talent and is quickly gaining notoriety for his unpredictable efforts. Gil’s refusal to allow his fans or listeners to get comfortable by slipping into a certain mold is both a combination of eclectic and refreshing; making for a fantastic journey with each and every CD from first track to the last.  Danny Coleman–Rock on Radio