Monthly Archives: March 2013

Baby Bottle positioning

Baby Bottle Microphone Positioning As I was experimenting with some guitar accent parts for “My World Your Fantasy”, I was finding that positioning the Blue Baby Bottle almost dead center but with a slight off axis approach resulted in an interesting sound from my small VOX. The photos show the 2 positioning I used. The […]

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Furious with the Furnace

Furious with the Furnace Simple but an important thing to keep on your recording desk. A simple sign that states… When you feel you are inspired to track/record… Turn the furnace master switch off. Murphy’s Law will prevail if you don’t Good night everyone 🙂

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Puerto Rican Influence

Puerto Rican Influence Tonight I am revisiting the track “My World Your Fantasy”. Oh this one is very special to me. What I am finding is the rhythm is tapping into a little bit of Reggaeton, Plena, and some Cha Cha. Organizing the drum tracks is so much fun. LOL. To bind it all together […]

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