Sol Celebration Released!

The new EP “Sol Celebration” is here!

It has been 2 years since my last digital EP release, “My World”. Since then I’ve developed a number of songs that I’ve so patiently been waiting to nurture and bring to light. Finally, my new release “Sol Celebration” is ready.

Out of my mind”, became one of the signature tunes that I played countless times at a variety of live events. Each time a little different, but my influence of Carlos Santana never wained. The inspiration from a lyrical standpoint came about after listening to a conversation about someone trying everything to forget and get their previous significant other out of their minds. They kept revisiting “those thoughts”, the good and bad times, but still came back to struggling with trying to let go.

Sol Celebration” was a genesis of dealing with loss in a spiritual way years ago when my dad passed. Fast forward, years later while finishing up on this production, my mom was transitioning from living independently to a nursing home. She was a lover of life, food, music, and people. Her passing while I was finishing this production really struck once again the analogy of our “Sol”, our inner light that I believe does transcend into another light, another energy. From within to outward that inner feeling, I feel it has to be a celebration in some ways as our souls move on. This track began while I was morning the passing of my dad, and over 10 years later it concluded while my mom was passing on as well.

Somebody” started back in 2015 while in a hotel room in Montreal. There I was looking at the skyline of the city, working on a chord progression and a repetitive phrase kept haunting me that was… “Goodbye”. Odd how art imitated life just a few days after I returned to the states when somebody in my life did say “Goodbye”. Relationships regardless of how short or long they were intertwined into our lives, have a way of harnessing some inner artistry that you never knew was there until you have to search inward and pull it out.