2016… you MUST NOT SLIP BY ME, not this time

I know there are some bloggers that are really up on their game, getting new posts out almost on a weekly basis. I have been busy with year-end personal as well as work-related things, yet my next EP production was hovering like a bee. Every once in a while, a mental sting would make its way into my head, but still no-joy, nothing started.

As weird as this may sound, I am wondering if by me even blogging about it, maybe it will motivate, or inspired me to figure out what I have to sacrifice in my life in order to have the time to get this thing going. I know at least 2 of the tracks I will do. My goal is a 3-song EP. For the last few months, I have been mentally sorting out some of the things that I will need to focus on and make decisions on from a production standpoint. Sorting through and reading up on saved articles about studio production, EQ, compression, monitoring etc, you know the fun stuff LOL. I want to improve my end product once again from my last release “My World“.

It really does come down to letting go of some things in order to fulfill other things. Not being a full-time musician as the main source of making a living, the 24 hours really get consumed before you know it.