Another TV Submission with Attitude

Just finished a TV/Web submission for an performance auto opportunity. It took me 4 days to put it together working on it during the evenings. 3 chords basically hold the riff throughout with some key leads and guitar accents. I was striving for some harmonic variation with the rhythm guitar part to create some variety over a narration without creating too much musical variety. The title of the track is “Attitude Driven Rock

The most challenging was to master it myself which after working with an engineer who does this full time, it really made me understand just how much goes behind this very important process to even be competitive with other submissions. The plugin by Isotope called Ozone 5 was used for primarily the dynamic, subtle EQ and harmonic processing needed. I used the TS Racks Brickwall limiter for the last plugin in the chain. Amazing how we are so forced to slam things with as little as 5-8 db of harmonic dynamics just to be competitive.