Digital EP “Where do we go from here?” Released!

Where do we go from here by Gil VelazquezAfter a long-time, the release of Where do we go from here has me smiling. This is the essence of the first of a series of digital EP releases starting with “Where do we go from here”. Nothing more to say delivers a rock song of the point in which someone needs to come to terms with an aspect of ones life that doesn’t change. Spaceman a psychedelic mix of rock, alternative and space rock textures to take the listener on a carpet ride to find the right place. Finally, Where do we go from here, an emotional dialogue of trying to explain ones transition in life.

An emotional blend of rock and psychedelic vocals that will take you on a carpet ride through coming to terms, searching, and finally accepting a change in one’s life. From heavy guitars, drone sounds and intense pulsating rhythms.

Be sure to download the album at CD baby or itunes, and don’t forget the headphones.