Taxi, Taxi… TV Mix Critique for new track to be released

Sometimes a spontaneous action can create an unexpected result. Well, it could always go either way.

For me on Monday February 11th, I saw that Taxi TV was looking for some tracks to critique for their UStream Show segment airing live on the 11th titled TAXI TV Mix Critique. I have a few un-mastered tracks (from my upcoming digital release “My World” that I thought I was pleased to about 85% with the mix and thought, why not send it in.

Well after hunting all around for salt, as we are having quite the winter here in Jersey and running late I wanted to be there when it started. Got to my studio desk late, clicked the link and began to watch it while taking notes…. Michael Laskow the CEO of Taxi runs the show and proceeds to provide such valuable input on the mix of the songs they selected to review. Well around the 47min mark, my song “Do Ya Thing” was number 13. Yeah, 13 can be lucky.

I was floored watching the expression on his face while the track played. Good input overall for sure, but the fact that he felt it could work in just the right placement only inspired me more.

I will for sure be joining the Taxi family real soon as I have been learning so much more about recording and writing over the years since I first joined Taxi in 2008. Those were the virgin years.