The Best Wine…

Thank you for coming out last night. We had a mix of several of my originals such as Nothing More to Say, and a few others to come in my 2014 EP digital release. From Lenny Kravitz, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, T-Rex, STP, Country, Funk, and the closing number was a awesome combination of John and myself with Sondra H VyntEdge and Ronny Brandt on vocals and harp! We had several special guests come up and big thanks for their musical blessings, Jean-Philippe Schmitt and Scott Elk.

It was an important show for us and the Wine Loft crew and audience was awesome. A special hug and kiss to Social-Butterfly Debbie for getting us in for our debut there. It was a night of Rock, Country, Eclectic flavors for sure. Thank you! and thanks Poppa Razzi for the photos.