The heat is on in more ways than one

Well it’s been way too hot in most of the country, and New Jersey is right in the middle of the heat wave. I have been breaking away from listening to the first 3 tracks to devote some time to designing and preparing the Digital EP cover art and Insert that will be available once the project goes into digital distribution.

I am really excited as the next two major steps for me is setting up the digital distribution via CD Baby, pull together all of the ancillary elements and sending off the final .wav files to Hopetown Studios for mastering.

During that time I know I won’t get much sleep knowing that the mastering engineer can say something needs a tweak or two to deliver a better product. That will be okay by me, a tweak here and there is sweet to me at this point. Trying not to think too much about the next release which will probably be 60-90 days away from this release.