Grateful for what I continue to learn from the Recording Revolution

For those that self-produce and record I would like to share this experience.

The second track titled “Sol Celebration” has what I consider, raised the bar for me in my workflow. The fact that I am only 6 mix tweaks into this track and I feel it is ready for mastering. Previous productions of mine have easily gone through double digits mix tweaks just to get close to what seems to come together.

This is what I did different:

  • I spent more time, working on the sound I wanted “WHEN” I recorded
  • I allowed myself more breaks in between mix sessions (what I did in the interim is listen to the track in as many variations of environments). Took notes and focused on what seemed to be the common culprit shared among environments FIRST!
  • Started my FIRST mix session with only the kick, snare, and bass guitar and did the entire session primarily in mono.
  • Picked the strongest most memorable “key” voice part of this song
  • Branched out from the first section ONLY after I was satisfied with the balance and feel of that starting position.

I want to thank Graham Cochrane of Recording Revolution for guiding me to keep the focus to a minimum in the beginning. Elements like Keyboard pads, cymbals, percussive elements, electric guitar parts all that all took a back seat until I had a grip on the above. Of course if this was a vocal track, the lead vocals would have certainly been in that preliminary group.

On to my next and final track for this EP release titled “Somebody”….