Awesome time with Rock on Radio

A big thanks to Dan Coleman and crew for having me on the show last night. We really covered a lot in the 2 hours. From my beginnings, debut CD, self-recording, writing, the local music scene and history of recording technology and how it has impacted the industry. It actually could have gone all day.

For a moment, I broke my +10 year hiatus from soda… Wow that stuff is really sweet. Back on strike now. 🙂

rock on radioGreat opportunity to discuss my 2013 release in the works “Emotional Chaos”. What a pleasure to hear so much positive response to my debut of 2 new tracks “Nothing More to Say” and “Do Ya Thing” on the air last night. Awesome callers, getting an autographed poster of me in “shorter” hair style.

I can’t thank the crew and Dan Coleman for their support enough. Tune to his show every Sunday at 10PM EST at