Taking the unbeaten path

Hi everyone.
Well, after a bit of a side-distraction with writing and producing several tracks for TV/Film submission and some research, I have decided to change the way in which I am releasing my tracks for 2013 and beyond.

The times of music production and marketing have changed so much. From content stealing sites like Napster and others, to the sad decline of the listening audience to absorb a full album and of course the infamous digital download single.

Demographics, technology, and the way in which people are digesting the sonic work the songwriter puts into their craft, I have come up with a series of releases that I will get out over the remainder of this year. I have a desire to let go of some material in “editions” at a time, so to free my creative process to new stuff down the road. But it doesn’t end there. I have other ideas in the mix for a certain point that I will reach as well.

Rock on always..