Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015
gil2014Yet another New Year is upon us and with that our goals, expectations, plans, disappointments, and most certainly surprises

As for my studio work, I am a bit disappointed that I did NOT release my next production “My World” in 2014.
But on the bright side, I have found that my production and arrangement for this release has presented itself with a really cool vibe that just maybe would not have taken place if I had stuck to the plan of a 2014 release. The curse of being a one man band/production artist is that we can very easily find ourselves consumed with fixing, changing, re-doing, rethinking etc.. every aspect of our art. The skill of “letting go” is a hard cookie to crack, but I am starting to learn this. This next release will be 5 tracks titled:

  • Need Some Air
  • Poly 527
  • My World Your Fantasy
  • Do Ya Thing
  • Urban Calm

There are a number of genre influences here, more use of keyboards and a unique combination of conventional and MIDI guitar work for some of the instrumental parts. As I type this post, I am finishing up on the last track “Need Some Air”. Polishing the lead and backing vocals, tweaking a few things here and there and always making sure I don’t think “wait, maybe I should retrack this..” see what I mean. It’s dangerous out there. LOL

Happy 2015 wishing you guys health, peace, love and the ever ending appetite for new music. Support your local music scene and your artist of choice by buying their music.

Thanks for your time reading my blog in 2014.