The Last Lap before the Release

masterbounce2015All of those fine details, that is where the devil can hide sometimes. The audio devil that is. Technically, I had to go back and slightly adjust my bass guitar as the low end can always present challenges for the home studio producer. For those that are interested in the little things, this was my checklist before releasing my tracks to Hopetownsound Studios for mastering.

  • Check track in car, (flat eq)
  • Check track on iphone with and without consumer headphones
  • Check track on Laptop
  • Check that ARC is turned off before the bounce
  • Check CPU usage prior to bounce (this can kill some of the amp emulation plugins.. not good LOL)
  • Check pops, clicks, and that overall peaks DO NOT pass -6db on Master Fader
  • Check that you export as 32-bit floating point.
  • If you read this list, thanks… 🙂

Off they went, awaiting if there are any minor tweaks from the mastering engineer’s perspective, he/she is “God” at this point. Then moving onto the design of the EP cover artwork and smartphone friendly EP book.

On the last lap…. Aiming for a February 14 launch on my CD Baby library page.