Mastering Feedback (Hopetown Sounds Studios)

As close as we as self-recording artist can be, we have to be open to what a new fresh of professionally seasoned ears can bring to the table. After the initial review by HopetownSound Studios, there are a few tweaks that are on the table.

First, although it would have been “great” if these 5 tracks were done, done, done… What was interesting is as you self-produce and record you sometimes question those little things that you feel, “I am not quite fully seasoned yet so let me not touch this in the session”

To my surprise those “little things” were indeed the “tweaks” the mastering engineer is suggesting. So it is comforting to know that “hey, I am getting better at my perception of a mix and production”. My inner gut is telling me things that I needed to re-consider. 🙂

From a bit of mid-range control on vocals on one track, to the use of supplemental 808 kick on the down beat of each measure on a another track, to a subtle adjustment to volume in certain parts. I am confident “My World” will be just right.

The CD art is done, the EP smartphone ibook is almost done, but the music comes first. Stay tuned. I have February 14 in my scope.