Thoughts about taking a different Bus

For those that do not understand bussing in recording, basically, it is routing any track or an entire mix to some place else (bus) where some effect or processing can be done without affecting the original. So with that said, I was experimenting with using Ozone 5 with a gentle touch of dynamic controls (light compression/stereo imaging/Eq) but it was on the “entire” mix. I wanted to be sure that the Mastering engineer (HopeSoundStudios) has as much sonic flavor/data as possible, BUT I felt the mix needed a polish in the low and upper highs. So what I then decided was to buss all the tracks individually to a master Ozone 5 Aux track where I can pick and choose how much percentage of processing I wanted Ozone to do. The vocals didn’t need as much, so it was after listening to the obscure vocals in “Do Ya Thing”, that this concept came about.

The bus driver seems nice so far…..