Vocal Comping Tip with the Blue BabyBottle Condenser Mic

As I work on the lead vocal tracking for the track to be titled “Out of my mind”, I created quite the dilemma for myself and it was all my fault. If you are trying out a few mics OR even wanting to try tracking on different days etc. Here is a strong suggestion.

Once you are done with lets say Day 1, or doing tracking with Mic 1. STOP! Rest your ears, then in your playlist, start auditioning your takes and create a comp track that is clearly labeled something like…

[Lead VOX BlueBabyBottle Date.]

This way when are doing other takes, with other mics or on different days, you do not find yourself having to audition way too many tracks in one sitting. Make sense. Now when it comes time to critique lets say your takes with Mic 1, 2, etc OR Day 1, Day 2 etc. You are comparing the “BEST” of each of those.