In progress

In progress my next EP release Well I’ve been underway with my next digital EP production. The challenge this week has been finding the right mic to capture my lead vocal along with the day job hovering near in my ear. My strategy this time is to focus exclusively on one song at a time […]

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2016 and…….

2016… you MUST NOT SLIP BY ME, not this time I know there are some bloggers that are really up on their game, getting new posts out almost on a weekly basis. I have been busy with year-end personal as well as work-related things, yet my next EP production was hovering like a bee. Every […]

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Embarrasing how long it has been, but…

Embarrassing how long it has been, but… Well it has been over 6 months since I booted up Protools, sat behind the edit/mix window and did anything. Why, why, why? Of course, I have other material that I want to complete, but it seems I just wasn’t feeling the “moment” yet. To define that moment, […]

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