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The heat is on in more ways than one

The heat is on in more ways than one Well it’s been way too hot in most of the country, and New Jersey is right in the middle of the heat wave. I have been breaking away from listening to the first 3 tracks to devote some time to designing and preparing the Digital EP […]

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Taking the unbeaten path

Taking the unbeaten path Hi everyone. Well, after a bit of a side-distraction with writing and producing several tracks for TV/Film submission and some research, I have decided to change the way in which I am releasing my tracks for 2013 and beyond. The times of music production and marketing have changed so much. From […]

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Baby Bottle positioning

Baby Bottle Microphone Positioning As I was experimenting with some guitar accent parts for “My World Your Fantasy”, I was finding that positioning the Blue Baby Bottle almost dead center but with a slight off axis approach resulted in an interesting sound from my small VOX. The photos show the 2 positioning I used. The […]

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