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Mix tweaks getting less and less

Mix tweaks getting less and less Mixing the track “Sol Celebration” has created a very interesting result for me. First, this track is an instrumental where the guitar is the lead voice. Secondly, I started by only focusing on the main chorus of the song. From there it was only the kick, snare, bass, and […]

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Save yourself the headache

Save yourself a headache As a general rule, I have found that when you are tracking anything vocals or instrument after you are done with 3 takes begin to critique the tracks. The goal is to create a best version by comping segments as they work through the song. By doing this I have found […]

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Vocal Comping Tip

Vocal Comping Tip with the Blue BabyBottle Condenser Mic As I work on the lead vocal tracking for the track to be titled “Out of my mind”, I created quite the dilemma for myself and it was all my fault. If you are trying out a few mics OR even wanting to try tracking on […]

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