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Low End Struggles/Tweaks

Low-End Struggles/Tweaks Now that I have positioned my KRK monitors on the Iso Acoustic Stands, I am finding my ear is picking up on low-end things that before I wasn’t quite picking up on. A multitude of mixing techniques cloud this new phase for me, but I am finding some common techniques that seem to […]

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Charity CD still available

Charity CD still available Back in November of 2013, I had the honor of taking part with the CD production of “Broad Lights on Broad Street”. This CD contains a plethora of musicians from the New Jersey Shore area ranging from Acoustic to Jam Band Thunder. Please be sure to check out the CD and […]

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Taking a stand…

Taking a stand with the IsoAcoustic stands Well my old by excellent shaped monitors (KRK V6), are going to migrate from sitting on the Auralex monitor foam base to the IsoAcoustic stands. I will keep you all posted if my mixes are translating even better across the spectrum, especially the low end (20-150Hz). Step 1: […]

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Another TV Submission with Attitude

Another TV Submission with Attitude Just finished a TV/Web submission for an performance auto opportunity. It took me 4 days to put it together working on it during the evenings. 3 chords basically hold the riff throughout with some key leads and guitar accents. I was striving for some harmonic variation with the rhythm guitar […]

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